The mobile training unit at the Central Illinois Police Training Center has been designed to be as flexible as possible. This is why we cover Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford Counties. In fact, law enforcement agencies from every region are searching for new hands-on methods to increase their abilities and knowledge. Above all, through carefully designed police courses, MTU 7 is capable of offering in-depth knowledge to those in service. Of course, we take our training roles incredibly seriously. In any case, a job well done means a significant boost to morale and the safety of officers and civilians throughout Illinois.

Course Offerings

As of right now, we have various courses scheduled throughout the year. In any case, we have designed each course to be as useful as possible for Illinois law enforcement professionals. When you sign up for one of the courses through MTU 7, you will receive firsthand knowledge in your chosen career field, carefully developed classes to hone your skills, and new methods to better perform your policing roles.

Some of the courses we currently offer include…

  • Hostage Negotiation – Suicide Intervention for Telecommunicators
  • Reid Basic Interview and Interrogation
  • Reid Advanced Interview and Interrogation
  • Breath Alcohol Operator
  • 40-Hour Mandatory Firearms
  • The Heroes Path to Excellence in Law Enforcement

Our Location

MTU 7 is located in Illinois Central College – the perfect location for on-site training for law enforcement officials and in-service officers. Furthermore, from our headquarters in the local college, we have access to various classrooms and training facilities to perform our courses to the best of our abilities. When you enroll, you gain access to such training facilities as well as our mobile unit.

Contact Us

For more information on our current course offerings, please contact MTU 7 at (309) 690-7350. We are standing by to answer your call.