Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (DRONES) in Law Enforcement, Peru, IL

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (DRONES) in Law Enforcement, Peru, IL

08-14-2023 8:00 AM - 08-17-2023 4:00 PM
Peru Police Department Training Room
Address: 2650 North Peoria Street Peru, IL 61354
2650 North Peoria Street Peru, IL 61354


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Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
(DRONES) in Law Enforcement

Instructor: Chris Edwards

August 14-17, 2023

8am – 4pm

Class will meet at Peru PD 2650 N. Peoria Street, Peru, IL

Enrollment Deadline: August 7, 2023

MAX 20

Course Objective

Course Objectives-
Identify the following: All state and federal laws pertaining to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS); different types of airspace; weather and weather-related conditions including cloud formations, types of fog, and wind conditions and how they play a role in the flight of a sUAS; loading and performance factors; airport and airfield standards, including left traffic patterns, METARS, TAFs, sectional charts, longitude and latitude; crew resource management, including types of attitudes, visual observers, Remote Pic, and the effects of drugs and alcohol; radio communication including 2.4 and 5 GHz, AWOS, ASOS, licensed frequencies, and CTAF; Emergency, Lost-Link, and Flyaway procedures; launch and recovery; and Plan B and C.
✓ Perform the procedures for: Vertical takeoff and landing, basic flight maneuvers, recording video, taking still images, autonomous flights, pre-flight and maintenance, equipment replacement, record-keeping, pre- and post-flight inspection, and logbook maintenance.
✓ Gain the necessary knowledge and skills to test for and earn the FAA certification for sUAS Operator.
✓ Understand the Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act.

This training will introduce officers to the use of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), commonly called “drones”, for both evidence collection and search operations. The course will cover all aspects of UAS operations, including preparations for the mandatory FAA Part 107 li-censing. It will include information on the necessary waiver to fly in populated areas and night operation of drones. Hands-on experience with full-sized drones will give officers the confidence and ability to operate in a safe manner. Evidence collections in both photo and video format will be addressed, as well as the legal aspects of how to handle and store this information, as it differs from standard photo/video collection rules.
Finally, the Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act, ILCS 725/167 will be discussed to provide officers and their departments with a clear understanding about operating drones within the con-fines of the law, including the mandate to inform the State about maintenance and flight operations. Upon completion of this course, attendees will possess the knowledge to successfully take and pass their Part 107 FAA pilot’s exam to become a licensed pilot. They will also be able to assist in creating proper departmental policies and procedures for operating drones.

Flight location will be a location to be determined.

Equipment Needed

Officers who wish to learn to fly their agency’s sUAS may bring it to class, with a minimum of two batteries, although there will be UAS’s provided by the instructor for the pilot training part of the class.

About the Instructor:

Chris Edwards, Associate Professor at Rend Lake College, the primary instructor for this class, holds an AAS degree in Information Technology from Rend Lake College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity from Liberty University. He is a licensed as a Remote Pilot by the FAA. Chris teaches in the Information Technology Division at Rend Lake, with an emphasis on Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics. He has developed the sUAS curriculum for the college. Chris has taught a related series of courses for over three3 years and has added several other courses to the curriculum.

Luke Poore is a Detective in his 12th year with the Jacksonville Police Department in Jacksonville Illinois. During his tenure there he has been a member of the Special Response Team, serving as a Marksman/Observer as well as a Hostage Negotiator. Prior to his time with the Jacksonville PD, Luke worked for the United States Border Patrol as well as for the Illinois Department of Corrections. Luke earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Illinois College in Jacksonville Illinois, and approximately 5 years ago began the process of starting a Drone Program within the Jacksonville Police Department.

Along with his full time employment with the Jacksonville PD, Luke is currently employed with Unmanned Vehicle Technologies (UVT), serving as a Field Applications Specialist. As part of his employment with UVT, Luke often travels to local agencies to provide hands on training as well as live demonstrations of UAV related products, from brands such as DJI, Autel, Brinc, Skydio, Parrot and others.


Mobile In-Service Training Team # 7 Illinois Enforcement Training and Standards Board

MTU #7 request for certification of this course has been approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

Meets the following mandatory training criteria: Civil Rights 1 hour, Const. Use of LE Authority 4 hours, Legal Updates 1 hour, Procedural Justice 1 hour, Officer safety techniques, including cover, concealment and time 1 hour

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (DRONES) in Law Enforcement, Peru, IL