Enforcing Illinois Cannabis Laws 2021 – CIPTC, Peoria, IL

Enforcing Illinois Cannabis Laws 2021 – CIPTC, Peoria, IL

05-18-21 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Central Illinois Police Training Center Poplar Hall P128
Address: 5407 N University St, Poplar P128 Peoria, IL 61614, USA
5407 N University St, Poplar P128 Peoria, IL 61614, USA


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Enforcing Illinois Cannabis Laws 2021

Instructor: Tony Lebron

May 18, 2021

8am –4pm



Class will meet in our classroom (see above)

Enrollment Deadline: May 11, 2021

Course Size:  Maximum – 32

Course Objective

The “Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act” as described in “Amendment to HB 1438”, was signed into law by Governor Pritzker on June 25th, 2019.  This legislation permits the cultivation, selling, and the adult use of cannabis, beginning January 1, 2020.  The implementation of this legislation will have a tremendous effect on all aspects of law enforcement.  The most profound impact will be on traffic safety.  Illinois officers need to be trained to understand the legislation and to take appropriate action when required.

Course Content

This training will provide officers with a comprehensive review of laws concerning the enforcement of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.  Included in the training is an introduction into types of cannabis, possession, use, and cultivation.  Training will include recognizing sign/symptoms of impaired drivers, and proficiency testing utilizing Non-standardized Field Sobriety Tests.   The training will conclude with procedures for making a DUI cannabis arrest.  The Participant objectives are to:

  • Describe the business organizations associated with the cannabis industry
  • Describe categories, strains, extracts, and delivery systems of cannabis
  • Describe possession and cultivation limits
  • Describe the restriction and limitations for possession of adult use cannabis
  • Recognize appropriate cannabis identification and cannabis containers
  • Distinguish the three types of medical cannabis patients
  • Describe the restriction and limitations for medical cannabis
  • Summarize scientific research related to driving and cannabis usage
  • Define executive functions and their relation to field sobriety tests
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of cannabis usage
  • Summarize the effectiveness of Field Sobriety Testing
  • Complete a proficiency exam on non-standardized field sobriety tests
  • Recognize signs and symptoms associated with cannabis usage
  • Describe the two Implied Consent provision associated DUI cannabis
  • Describe the limitations of chemical testing

About the Instructor

Tony started his career in 1979 as a police officer in Rushville, Illinois.  He later joined the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Department as a Dispatcher/Jailer and Deputy.  His responsibilities included traffic enforcement, accident investigation and criminal investigations.  He joined the Illinois State Police in 1984 and served in different locations and capacities.  His responsibilities included traffic enforcement, accident investigation, criminal investigation and motor carrier safety.

Tony later transferred to the Division of Criminal Investigation, Zone 8 (Peoria, Illinois).  He worked in an undercover capacity with a covert narcotics unit and conducted drug investigations.  He later transferred to the District 8 patrol operations in Peoria.  His responsibilities included traffic enforcement, accident investigation, criminal investigation, motor carrier safety and community based policing operations.  He also completed a temporary duty assignment with General Criminal Investigations in Peoria.

Tony was selected as the supervisor for the Breath Alcohol Training Section for the Illinois State Police.  His responsibilities included training in Breath Analysis Instrument Operations, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and Drug Recognition.  As a sergeant he supervised the Alcohol and Substance Testing program, which had been under the direction of the Illinois Department of Public Health, and later transferred to the Illinois State Police.  This new responsibility required him to supervise the breath analysis program which promulgates the inspection, certification, maintenance and licensing of all evidential breath analysis instruments and operators in Illinois. He also assisted in the testing and evaluation of new breath analysis technology and the development of pupillometry for the detection of impairment.

Tony is currently a Master Sergeant assigned to District 08 in Peoria as a Shift Supervisor.  His duties require him to establish daily patrols for a five-county area.  Other responsibilities include quality checking crash reports, written reports and enforcement documentation.  He also serves as the District Hireback Coordinator and is responsible for staffing federally funded hire-back programs.  He continues to instruct around the country on impaired driving issues.

Mobile In-Service Training Team #7 Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

MTU #7 request for certification of this course has been approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

Meets the following mandatory training criteria: Civil Rights, Constitutional and Proper Use of Law Enforcement Authority, Legal Updates

Enforcing Illinois Cannabis Laws 2021 – CIPTC, Peoria, IL