Career and Survival for Dispatchers, Peru PD, Peru, IL

Career and Survival for Dispatchers, Peru PD, Peru, IL

12-06-2022 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Peru Police Department Training Room
Address: 2650 North Peoria Street Peru, IL 61354
2650 North Peoria Street Peru, IL 61354


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Career and Survival for Dispatchers

Instructor: Betsy Brantner Smith

December 6, 2022

 8am – 4pm

Class will meet at Peru PD, 2650 N. Peoria Street, Peru, IL

Enrollment Deadline: November 30, 2022

Course Size:  Maximum 30

Course Objective

Public safety dispatchers are trying to do the same job as those they dispatch from two very different locations and perspectives. They often have separate rules, dissimilar shifts, and neither entity truly understands the other. Taught by veteran police officer and dispatch trainer Betsy Brantner Smith, this interactive, multi-media training course will give dispatchers, supervisors, and managers the insight they need to bridge the gap between line personnel and the dispatchers and call-takers that support them.

This one-day workshop will help you see, hear and feel what is happening on both sides of the microphone and recognize that the actions, instincts, and expertise of a good dispatcher can play a vital role in police officer safety and survival. Dispatchers, cops and managers will learn how to bring both sides together to work as a team.

Course Content

Discuss the unique stressors & rewards that dispatchers experience

Outline COPS/DOJ recommendations for officer safety for dispatch

Give dispatch personnel tools they need to develop leadership skills and a true sense of mission

Show all personnel how to bring the “Not Today!” mindset into the communications center!

Discuss a dispatcher’s role in critical incidents; before, during & after

Teach how to effectively communicate with each other…really

“Warrior Ethos” & a “Guardian Mindset” for the dispatch function

Help dispatchers to THRIVE, not just “survive” in the organization

About the Instructor

Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith retired in 2009 as a 29-year veteran of a large metropolitan police department in the Chicago suburbs. Beginning her career as a police dispatcher at age 17, Betsy became an officer four years later and has held positions in patrol, investigations, narcotics, juvenile, hostage negotiation, crime prevention and field training.  She received her four year degree from Western Illinois University in 1991, and was a class officer and graduate of the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety’s School of Staff and Command in May of 2001.

She supervised her department’s K-9 Unit, served as a field training sergeant, recruitment team sergeant, bike patrol coordinator, Crowd Control Bike Team leader, and supervisor of the Community Education/Crime Prevention Unit.  Betsy served on the Elderly Services Team, the Crisis Intervention Team, and was a proud founding supervisory member of NPD’s Honor Guard Unit.  Betsy received numerous awards and commendations from her police department as well as many local and national awards for her performance as a police officer and supervisor. From 1999 – 2003 Betsy hosted various training programs and was a content expert for the Law Enforcement Television Network (LETN), is currently an on-air commentator and advisor for the Police One Academy and was a featured character in the Biography Channel’s “Female Forces” reality show.

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Career and Survival for Dispatchers, Peru PD, Peru, IL