Child Abuse Investigations: Accident or Abuse? – LaSalle County SO, Ottawa, IL

Child Abuse Investigations: Accident or Abuse? – LaSalle County SO, Ottawa, IL

04-19-21 8:00 AM - 04-20-21 4:00 PM
LaSalle County Sheriff's Office
Address: 707 E Etna Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350, USA
707 E Etna Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350, USA


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Child Abuse Investigations

 Accident or Abuse?

Instructor: Caped Cursader Consulting

April 19-20, 2021

8am – 4pm

Class will meet at:

LaSalle County SO, 707 E. Etna, Ottawa IL

Enrollment Deadline: April 12, 2021

Course Size: Minimum – 15 Maximum – 32

Course Objective

This sixteen-hour course is specifically designed to provide law enforcement investigators with the tools necessary to effectively assess child physical abuse injuries and child death cases.

Childhood injuries are extremely common. Accidents happen – but so does child abuse. Law enforcement personnel play a critical role in investigating injuries to a child and determining if a crime has been committed.

This dynamic and interactive course relies on the intuition of participants to “investigate” real cases by

examining evidence from injury photos, medical information, scene investigation, and interviews.

Course Content

Knowledge of Child Abuse and Neglect


Interview/Interrogation Strategies

Working with Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Emotional Impact

Upon Completion the Participant Will Have Acquired:

1. Knowledge of the prevalence of child abuse and the children at greatest risk

2. Working knowledge of child maltreatment terminology

3. Working knowledge of the medical assessment of child physical abuse

4. Skills on how to integrate the unique dynamics of child abuse into your investigation

5. Specific information needed to gather for every type of child abuse/neglect/death case

6. Insight into the behavior of victimized children/Working with non-verbal victims

7. Understanding how to interpret “medical speak” and gain solid medical information

8. Skills to collaborate effectively with a multi-disciplinary team

9. Enhanced ability to effectively present cases to the state’s attorney

About the Instructors:

Harold Rollins, Jr is a Lead Juvenile Detective, distinguished law enforcement professional with over twenty years of community policing experience, and co-founder of Caped Crusader Consulting. Harold is a three time recipient of the Officer of the Year Award, was awarded the 2020 Illinois Juvenile Officer of the Year Award, 2017 Lake County (IL) Juvenile Officer of the Year Award, and has earned numerous law enforcement certifications related to school safety assessment and forensic interviewing of children. Harold holds a number of prominent positions in the law enforcement community that includes: leading complex juvenile investigations, providing staff and community trainings across the country, and developing and implementing action plans to promote school safety. Harold is a national instructor and has developed, facilitated, and implemented numerous programs to interrupt violence and respond to issues that effect at risk children in his community including Upstanding Police Students, Holy Spokes, Teen Court, and Tutoring the Vision.

Melinda Gronen, MA is a licensed clinical social worker with over twenty years of child welfare experience. Melinda received her Master of Arts degree from the University of Chicago and has more than a decade of experience performing forensic child abuse assessments as part of the multi-disciplinary Protective Services Team at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Currently, Melinda is owner of Melinda Gronen Counseling, LLC where she specializes in providing counseling for adults and children who have experienced trauma. As co-founder of Caped Crusader Consulting, Melinda trains in the area of child maltreatment at organizations across the country. Melinda is a part time professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Jane Addams College of Social Work and the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration

Mobile In-Service Training Team # 7 Illinois Enforcement Training and Standards Board

MTU #7 request for certification of this course has been approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

Meets the following mandatory training criteria: TBA

Child Abuse Investigations: Accident or Abuse? – LaSalle County SO, Ottawa, IL