80hr BASIC SWAT COURSE – Marseilles National Training Facility, Marseilles, IL – CLASS FULL

80hr BASIC SWAT COURSE – Marseilles National Training Facility, Marseilles, IL – CLASS FULL

08-21-2023 9:00 AM - 08-25-2023 4:00 PM
Peru Police Department Training Room
Address: 2650 North Peoria Street Peru, IL 61354
2650 North Peoria Street Peru, IL 61354


Brian Fengel, Director

Phone: (309) 690-7350
Fax: (309) 690-7359
Jean Swan: jswan@icc.edu

Heather Grove: hgrove@icc.edu


Instructor: The Illinois Tactical Officers Association

in Cooperation with MTU #7, the Peru Police Department and the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Department, are please to present this dynamic training opportunity.

August 21-25, 2023

October 2-6, 2023

 9am – 4pm

CLASS FULL email hgrove@icc.edu for waiting list.

Class will meet: 1st day Peru PD, 2650 N. Peoria Street, Peru, Remaining Days, class will meet at: Marseilles National Training Facility, 1700 Army Road, Marseilles, IL 

Enrollment Deadline:  August 14, 2023

Course Size:  Minimum –18 Maximum – 24

See link below for what to bring: SWAT Equipment List

Course Objective

Course Description: This 10-day Basic SWAT Course, will provide students with the Basic Knowledge, Tactical Skill Sets and Foundational Information required to pass this intense 80hr, Performance Based Basic SWAT Operators course.


Course Content

The course will focus on the following major topics:

Use Of Force

Mission Parameters

Mission Planning

Mission Briefings


Operational Safety

Escalation & De-Escalation

CQB – Free Flow

Systematic Search

Arrest Team Tactics

Barricaded Gunman

Perimeter Operations

Mechanical Breaching

High Risk Warrants & Arrests

Active Threat Response

Emergency Medical

Emergency Hostage Rescue

Scenario Based Training

The course focus will be on the basic tactical skill sets required to function as a new SWAT Officer. Each skill sets learned and practiced will build on the next course of training and be reinforcement throughout the two weeks of training.

The utilization of converted weapons, marking rounds, paper target and live role players will gradually increase the reality, complexity and intensity of the training experience.

Tactical Decision making will also be an important foundation of the course. Making the right decision, employing the right tactic and the correct level of force will be emphasized throughout. Escalation and De-Escalation of force will also be a continual focus during the program.

To pass the course, students must demonstrate their ability to perform all individual and team tactical skill sets. Performance and reality-based practice sessions and scenarios will provide the students with continuous opportunities to perform the core essential tasks and tactical skill sets.

What to bring:

Ammunition Requirement: NO LIVE AMMUNITION

Each student will be required to be equipped with a converted / training pistol and rifle capable of shooting marking rounds. UTM / Force-on-Force and Simunitions are acceptable marking rounds and weapons conversation systems. NO air soft or paint ball is allowed.  Each student will be required to have 300rds of Rifle and 200rds of pistol marking rounds. The ITOA can provide UTM or Force-on-Force brand drop in bolts for those who do not have them. ITOA has a limited supply of Glock 17T training pistols for use also. Every effort should be made by students to have their own converted training weapons.

   Mobile In-Service Training Team # 7 Illinois Enforcement Training and Standards Board

MTU #7 request for certification of this course has been approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

Meets the following mandatory training criteria: Constitutional Use of Law Enforcement Authority 6.50 hours with 5.50 hours Scenario Based, Crisis Intervention 2.00 hours with 1.00 hour of Scenario Based, Emergency Medical Response Training and Certification 4.50 hours with Scenario Based, Legal Updates .50 hours, De-Escalation Techniques 7.00 hours with 6 hours of Scenario based, Laws concerning stops, searches, and use of force 3.00 hours with 2 hours Scenario based, Officer Safety Techniques, including, cover, concealment and time 37.50 hours with 36.50 hours Scenario based, .50 hours of continuing Crisis Intervention Team Training

80hr BASIC SWAT COURSE – Marseilles National Training Facility, Marseilles, IL – CLASS FULL